Best Deals on SSDs and Hard Drives 2021

Best Deals on SSDs and Hard Drives 2021

With SSD prices falling, as we get further into 2021 this is a good time to upgrade your storage, whether it’s picking up a speedy new boot drive (perhaps one of the best SSDs) or adding secondary storage that increases your capacity.

This is also a great time to look for savings on the best external drives you can use for backup or for transferring data between all your devices. If you don’t already have a large external hard drive or SSD, you really should get one in order to do full system backups or just keep your important files somewhere besides the cloud.

Below, we’ve listed the best SSD and hard drive deals that are available right now from any store on the web. Also, don’t forget to check out our lists of the best tech deals overall, best monitor deals , best CPU deals, best laptop deals and best gaming PC deals .

SSD Deals: What to Look For

Manufacturer: If you find a deal that’s too good to be true from an unknown manufacturer, it’s usually best to pass on it and hold out for a more reputable brand.

2.5-inch or M.2: Most internal SSDs are either 2.5-inch or M.2 form factor. 2.5-inch drives connect to SATA ports and can replace old-school mechanical hard drives. M.2 drives look like RAM sticks and plug into dedicated M.2 ports.

SATA or NVMe: SSDs either use the SATA or NVMe interface, with the latter being as much as six times faster (or more). However, you need to know which your PC supports. All 2.5-inch drives are SATA, but M.2 drives could be either NVMe or SATA interface.

Capacity: 1TB seems to be the sweet spot for price and performance, with decent NVMe drives going of around $100 or less and high-performance ones in the sub $150 range. You can save money with a 512GB drive or, for an older PC with limited needs, a 256GB unit can be extremely cheap.

SSD Deal Tips

Each SSD deal listed below was individually verified to ensure value. But don’t just take our word for it- there are tools you can use to improve your research game.

We recommend using third-party applications to help research price history and compare SSD prices between vendors. Google Shopping and PCPartPicker provide useful comparison data, while CamelCamelCamel is ideal for checking Amazon price history. Using these websites will help make sure any deals you find are genuine.

Best SSD and HDD Deals Overall

Crucial P5 1TB 3D NAND SSD: was $149, now $119 at Amazon

This M.2 drive has a maximum storage capacity of 1TB. The read/write speeds can reach 3400/3000 MBps.View Deal

Samsung 870 EVO (1TB): was $129, now $119 at Amazon

The SSD all-star that offers a reliable and responsive architecture, AES 256-bit encryption, an attractively restrained design and incredible reliability, reinforced with a 5-year warranty.View Deal

Low price Samsung 870 QVO 2TB SSD: was $219, now $189 at Newegg

Save $30 on Samsung’s best 2.5-inch SATA SSD. The 870 QVO uses Samsung’s QLC NAND Flash along with the company’s own MKX ‘Metis’ controller. It promises 560 / 530 MBps read and write rates and has AES 256-bit encryption. View Deal

Kingston 1TB A2000 NVMe: was $139, now $116 at Amazon

High sequential read and write speeds alongside support for a full security suite (TCG Opal, XTS AES 256 bit, eDrive) make this a great drive for anybody — made better with its low price.View Deal

Crucial BX500 2TB SATA SSD: was $199, now $179 at Amazon

Speed your system up with this generous amount of SSD storage — offering sequential read speeds up to 540MB/s and write speeds of 500MB/s, alongside a three year warranty.

View Deal

PNY XLR8 CS3040 1TB: was $179, now $157 at Amazon

The Gen4 interface of this NVMe delivers performance up to 5,600MB/s seq. read and 4,300MB/s seq. Alongside this, you have some nice premium features to ensure stability and longevity such as DRAM Cache and enhanced reliability.View Deal

Seagate IronWolf 12TB NAS Hard Drive: was $325, now $279 at Newegg

Users can store up to 12TB of data on this HDD from Seagate. Be sure to use promo code 93XQH85 at checkout. It can reach speeds up to 7200 RPM. View Deal

Mushkin Enhanced Pilot-E M.2 2280 2TB SSD: was $309, now $239 at Newegg

This 2TB NVMe SSD comes with max sequential read speeds up to 3500 MBps and write speeds up to 3100 MBps, along with SLC caching and a 3-year warranty.View Deal

Seagate Exos X10 10TB HDD: was $299, now $214 at Newegg

With an innovative helium design for higher reliability and performance, Seagate’s Exos X10 is a great high capacity drive, which is ideal for anything from data centers, to people who need a lot of extra space.View Deal

Team Group T-Create Classic M.2 2280 1TB SSD: was $119, now $99 at Newegg

Available for a limited time only at this lower price, Team Group’s M.2 NVMe drive sports read speeds up to 2100 MBps, high-rate LDPC ECC functionality and a 5-year warranty for peace of mind.View Deal

Western Digital 14TB: was $399, now $349 at Amazon

This internal HDD has a storage capacity of 14TB. It has an RPM speed of 7200, according to the specs. As of right now, users can take it home for more than $46 off.View Deal

Blue SN550 WDS100T2B0C 1TB: was $150, now $104 at Walmart

This drive has an M.2 form factor and a maximum storage capacity of 1TB. The read/write speeds can get as fast as 2400/1950 MBps. This is one of the best offers on the Blue SN550 we could find.View Deal

WD Blue 3D NAND 1TB Internal SSD: was $129, now $109 at Newegg

This 1TB internal M.2 SSD offers sequential read speeds up to 560 MB/s and sequential write speeds up to 530 MB/s with a power draw up to 25% lower than previous generations.View Deal

Mushkin Enhanced RAW Series 1TB: was $109, now $92 at Newegg

This drive features built-in LDPC ECC. According to the specs, it uses internal flash RAID and Static Data Refresh technology. This edition has read/write speeds as fast as 560/520 MBps.View Deal

Samsung 860 EVO SSD 2TB: was $399, now $249 at Amazon

With an M.2 form factor, you don’t need much space to add an additional 2TB of storage to your PC. This drive features V-NAND technology and has read speeds as fast as 550 MBps.View Deal

Western Digital WD BLACK SN750: was $129, now $84 at Newegg

Use promo code 93XQE64 to get this offer. This package includes both a 500GB module and a heatsink. It can reach read speeds as high as 3470 MBps. This isn’t the cheapest 500GB SSD but it’s one of the best offers on this model since its release.View Deal

Reletech P400 1TB SSD: was $185, now $119 at Newegg

This isn’t the cheapest 1TB SSD you’ll find but it is one of the best offers on this particular model so far. It has read/write speeds up to 3500/3100 MBps.View Deal

Samsung 970 EVO SSD 500GB: was $99, now $75 at Amazon

Get up to 500GB of storage on this internal SSD from Samsung. It’s capable of reach speeds as fast as 3400 MBps and has an M.2 form factor.View Deal

WD Purple 4TB Surveillance HDD: was $139, now $92 at Newegg

This HDD from Western Digital has a 4TB storage capacity. According to the specs, the RPM can get as high as 5400.View Deal

Sabrent 4TB Rocket: was $749, now $689 at Amazon

This 4TB SSD from Sabrent is discounted to a new low of $689 through Amazon. It has an M.2 form factor with read/write speeds up to 4900/3500 MBps.View Deal

Samsung T5 Portable 2TB SSD: was $279, now $210 at Amazon

Get up to 2TB of storage with this offer on the Samsung T5 portal SSD. It can reach transfer speeds up to 540 MBps and uses a USB 3.1 interface.View Deal

Samsung 970 EVO (1TB): was $179, now $139 at Amazon

If you want the fastest, the best choice is plugging in an NVMe SSD to your motherboard. The Samsung 970 EVO brings awesome performance and speeds up to 3.5 GB/s. Alongside this is a complete software package, great heat dissipation via Samsung’s Dynamic Thermal Guard, and the five-year warranty.View Deal

Samsung 970 EVO Plus SSD 1TB (Geek Squad Refurbished): was $249, now $109 at Best Buy

If you want to save a little extra money on the 970 EVO Plus SSD, Best Buy have a Geek Squad refurbished option. Warranty information is a little vague, but you can spend an extra $25 and get the Geek Squad support program for any problems, and it would still be cheaper than the Amazon offer.View Deal

Samsung 970 PRO SSD 1TB: was $399, now $249 at Amazon

This drive packs serious performance with read/write speeds as fast as 3500/2700 MBps. It has a form factor of M.2 2280 and 1TB storage capacity.View Deal

Western Digital 500GB WD Blue: was $99, now $69 at Amazon

This SSD from Western Digital can reach read/write speeds as fast as 560/530 MBps. It has a 2.5-inch form factor and can store up to 500GB of data.View Deal

Samsung T7 500GB: was $109, now $79 at Amazon

Store up to 1TB of data on this T7 portable drive from Samsung. It has read/write speeds as fast as 1050/1000 MBps.View Deal